Newsletter list not populating with new subscribers

  • 31 December 2021
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Hello all, happy new year.

I wanted to ask first here before reaching out to support. 

I have create a submit form offering a first purchase discount code if they suscribe to my newsletter, this form is tied to the newsletter list and has double opt-in enabled, so far I have had approximately 10 new subscribers but they are not showing in the list itself, I can see the consent status as green in their profiles and I can see them in the shopify admin as subscribed, source property is the form, but they are not in the actual list, I tried importing from shopify to klaviyo but it says that the record already exist.

Edit to add that I have the collect subscribers enable in the integration settings.

Has anyone faced something similar?.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read and reply.



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Hi @ruizufase,

Thank you for sharing your question with our community. Happy new year to you too!

This is very helpful context, so thanks for sharing that as well. Since you have double opt-in enabled, it’s likely that these users have not yet confirmed their subscriptions. Once they do so, they will be added to the list. I also recommend double-checking that you’ve selected a list in the form’s button settings. You can verify this by clicking on the CTA button of the form under “List to Submit” on the left-hand side.