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  • 22 November 2023
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I have a substantial number of contacts who haven't opted in, making it impossible to include them in our regular email campaigns. While they can be added to various flows such as abandoned cart sequences, I find these contacts to be of limited value when they aren't engaged in any specific campaigns or flows… 

What do you do with this type of contacts? 



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Welcome to the community @MG82010 

If they’ve not opted-in to marketing then, as you say, they shouldn’t be used in campaigns and certain flows. However, they are of value as they may become a customer/repeat purchaser!

The approach is to convince them to opt-in with incentives via data capture forms (e.g pop-ups), during checkout, and post-purchase. That requires split testing where possible to see what resonates with them and uplifts opt-ins. The incentives could be discounts, prize draws, access to helpful info (guides, product selectors/quizzes) etc.

I assume these contacts are purchasers and/or abandoned checkouts?

For the purchasers, I’d add a post-purchase flow with a very soft opt-in call to action. As they’ve not opted-in, it should primarily be to thank them for their order. I’d also focus on the copy around the checkout opt-in too.

And lots of split testing of data capture forms with various incentives!

One last point, do you have the Shopify bi-directional sync enabled to capture Shopify opt-ins to Klaviyo and vice versa?

No quick fix, but I hope that helps.