Opt-In Confirmed or Welcome Series for Discount and Freebies?

  • 21 July 2021
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Hi all, I’m getting Klaviyo set up. I have a discount code and some free downloads for people who opt-in to my newsletter (via Shopify). I’m wondering what is best - do a redirect to the store where I have the welcome page with their discount code and download links - or to have that as part of the welcome emails? Would they get the welcome email instantly so they could use the discount code? Maybe it’s best to do a redirect so they come back to the store to use the discount code?



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4 replies

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Oh, but maybe having it as part of the Welcome Series starts them out in being engaged with the list?

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Hi @Leslie Nicole,

Thank you for sharing your question with us. This is a great question.

We actually have a way in Klaviyo to get the best of both worlds! You can add a URL to your welcome email that both applies a coupon code and re-directs the user back to your website. For more details on how to get this set-up in your welcome email, check out our guide here. I am also including our guide on using Shopify coupons in Klaviyo in general here.

When it comes to attachments, we also have a guide that will allow you to link users directly to a file of your choosing.You can find our guide to this here.

With respect to getting the welcome email instantly, by default the user will have to confirm their subscription as per our double opt-in process in Klaviyo. Only after they confirm, will they be added to the list and receive the flow email containing the link and/or discount code. If you’d like users to forgo this double opt-in step entirely, and get added directly to the list and trigger the flow immediately upon filling the form, see our guide on enabling single opt-in for your list.

Hope that is helpful and thanks for being a member of our Community!

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Thanks so much for those resources, Dov. I will go check them out!

I should have been clearer on what I meant by “Instantly” I still want them to do the double opt-in process - I just meant would the welcome series be triggered quickly so they get the coupon code right away. I’ll go read the sources you provided - sounds intriguing. Thanks!

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Hi @Leslie Nicole,

Thanks for clarifying that point.

Yes! As long as there is no time-delay immediately before the email containing the coupon code that email will dispatch right away.