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  • 31 August 2023
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I’m currently testing my opt-in form and made a flow focused on the customers collected in this form but my email made in my flow doesn’t send. instead of that mail it keeps sending a confirmation mail asking if they’re sure they want to subsribe. 

can somebody help me? 


Best answer by Akers Digital 1 September 2023, 05:10

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2 replies

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Hey @RW2003 ,

Great question! It sounds like you have double opt-ins enabled. This means your flow won’t be triggered until someone confirms their subscription to your list. 


You can switch to a single opt-in in the settings of the list that the form is associated with. If you do this, just make sure you have a strategy in place for monitoring list health and list cleaning.


Hope that helps!

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Tim @Akers Digital gave you a great answer. This is a list setting not a form setting so you will have to change the list settings.

In addition to what Tim said I just wanted to explain how to change this in case you don’t know. The list that is connected to your form, go to that list, go to Settings, then click on the Consent option, and at the button you will have to select single opt in and then Save.