Passing "active on site" properties

  • 7 May 2022
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We’re using Shopify integration and I’m trying to figure it out how to segment the users by “active on site” properties, e.g. by browser or OS property.

For some reason, this data is visible when looking at individual user’s profile, but I cannot create a segment based on those properties (browser or OS), because they don’t show up during segment creation.

Any ideas?


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Hello @Octavio,

Great question!

Although you’ll see the browser and OS information as part of the Active Onsite’s metadata when viewed in an individual’s profile, that information would not be available to create segments off of. This has to do with the frequency of how often an active onsite metric is triggered which when creating segments can lead to inaccuracies. 

As your contacts/profiles interact with your brand and emails, they’ll trigger more and more active onsite events. For example, whenever a user opens and clicks on an email you sent them. If this same user reviewed the email on their computer, but then later decide to view browse the same email and brand on their cell phone, this would trigger two individual active onsite events.

When creating segments for such granularities, this can cause a number of “inaccuracies” in your segmentations despite those segments most likely accurately capturing the user behavior correctly. I.E. when you create a segment capturing users who have triggered active onsite from a chrome browser but not a Safari browser (for phones); the previous example user would not be caught by this segment. 

I hope this helps!