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  • 23 June 2022
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I don’t think Klaviyo has this specific feature, but the idea is to allow subscribers to Pause their subscription for X amount of time instead of unsubscribing. Ideally this option would be on the unsubscribe page. 

Has anyone done this? If so, do you mind sharing how you did it? 

Is it possible to send people to a custom unsubscribe page with this option? 



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5 replies

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Hi there,
Here’s what I would do : 

Step 1: Manually Add A "Snooze" Property To Any Profile In Klaviyo

Pull up any profile in Klaviyo (it can even be yours) and manually add a custom property called "Snooze" and set it equal to "True".


Step 2: Create A “Snoozed Subscribers” Segment

In Klaviyo, create a new segment called "Snoozed Subscribers", which will include anyone who has the Snooze property attached to their profile and set to "True"


Step 3: Set Up a "Snooze Flow"

Just like this:


Step 4: Create an "Exclude From Campaigns" Segment


To do this, we create a segment in Klaviyo called "Exclude from Campaigns", which includes everyone we want to supress. And we ensure that we include "Snooze = True" as part of the definition.

And finally, you’ll just have to create the footer with the snooze button. Make sure you add a special link to this link that adds the "Snooze" custom property to their profile when they click.

I hope this was helpful :)

Feel free to send me a private message to schedule a call if you need help or want to optimize your Klaviyo account 


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Extremely helpful! Thank You!! 


Hi @Tomb and @goGetintoit Dan 

I just implemented your solution, but there is a problem: contacts will enter the Snooze flow only once since it is a segment-based flow, see,Contacts%20can%20only%20receive%20a%20segment%2Dtriggered%20flow%20once.,-This%20is%20why 

Is there a way to make the snooze option available more than once?

Thanks & best regards


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Hi @christiansaeckel ,

Thanks for sharing.
We do not have the functionality at this time to institute a snooze button, as we do not have a way to place a profile into a timed suspension.  We do, however, have a way for subscribers to select how often they'd like to receive emails: .

This could be a way to segment and manage your subscribers over a one-time snooze option. 


Thank you, @alex.hong !

Now that I have this confirmed, we will go for the frequency option. (We did that in a different way than described in your link, but it’s working fine).

(still a pity for @Tomb ‘s very elegant approach...)

Have a nice day!