Product Feeds Major Bug with Shopify

  • 15 July 2021
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I think I found a major bug with the Product Feeds and the Shopify integration. For the life of me, I’ve been trying to figure out why the product feeds were only showing a few products and not displaying the correct best sellers. Well after some testing and experimenting, I think Klaviyo only displays products in the product fee that have a Track Quantity checked (See attached). My store is primarily a virtual good store where I sell digital downloads, so the only product showing are products where I deliver a serial number via a list, which I do track inventory in this case. 


I’m new to Klaviyo and although I love the new features, as an engineer, I’ve found quite a few major bugs with this software that I wasn’t expecting given the high price I pay per month. 

Can anyone verify this? 




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5 replies

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Hello @jmacman,

Thanks for sharing this with our Klaviyo Community. Happy to help clear up the confusion here.

If you are not keeping track of inventory for an item (or the item is out of stock) in Shopify, the item will be “unpublished” in Klaviyo. By default, unpublished items will not show up in product feeds because Klaviyo is interpreting these items as unavailable for purchase. Additionally, items without associated images and items have already been purchased by the recipient will not appear in the product recommendations.

With that said, there is a setting we (Klaviyo) can enable on the backend of your Klaviyo account to ignore the inventory quantity. Enabling this setting will allow your products to populate in the feed regardless of their stock/inventory quantity. Since this is an “ignore” setting, the caveat here is that it will display all items in the feed even if they are legitimately out of stock. 

If you would like this feature enabled, please file a request with our support team and they will be happy to take care of this for you.

Thanks and have a wonderful rest of your day.

I manage different stores in my Klaviyo Account. 
Can I request for this feature to be turned on at the backend for a specific store?
They do not track the inventory for everything they sell because they’re made to order.
How do I do that?
OR will the account owner do that themselves?

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Hey @Bobomatcha,

That setting mentioned by @Dov is account specific. In order to have it enabled, you’ll want to have either the Klaviyo account owner or a user (including yourself) of the account with permissions above manager reach out to our wonderful support colleagues.  



@David To even if i click track inventory and do a manual sync of a product it does not show the product as published . There is not even any support on free plan . What kind of system is this where its full of bugs… who will fix it.

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Hey @Jovial 

You are in the right place for help your product feed! While the community doesn’t have direct access to your account, we can help troubleshoot and identify potential issues to fix and escalate your problem to the appropriate teams when necessary since you are using Klaviyo for free right now. In order to best help you we do need more information though: 

  • What integration are you using?
  • Are none of your products showing in the feed? Or just a few products aren’t populating?
  • What are your product feed settings?
  • Have you check that there is inventory for the missing products in your ecommerce platform?