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I have created a second stage to my email sign up form, requesting new subscriber select their interests using multi-check boxes. The intention is for me to be able to segment based on interests, i.e. whether someone wants to receive our Showroom stock updates or just our Newsletter. 

I have trialled the form myself, selecting two of the five options from the list to outline that I want ‘Showroom Updates’ and ‘Newsletter’. However, when segmenting by just Showroom Updates, my personally data doesn’t form in the list. I only appear in the interest group containing both. 

How can I ensure that if subscribers select multiple boxes, they will appear in individual segments? DO I have to set the segment preference as ‘contains’ rather than ‘equals”? 

Thanks for your help everyone! 


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Hi there @Francois123,

Welcome to the Community and thanks for sharing!

Because multi-checkboxes record values as a List data type, I would recommend changing the Segment conditions a List Type. This separates out each value so you can Segment on it alone - with the Text data type, it will show groupings for people who checked more than one box.

Contains would be more of an inclusive filter whereas equals would have to be a specific value.


Hope that helped,


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Thank you, I think this is the solution I came to in the end.