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  • 15 March 2023
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I seem to have 64 profiles that have no source. All the others are  Either from my Klaviyo forms or -50(Shopify).

Any thoughts on where these would come from?


Best answer by chloe.strange 15 March 2023, 20:43

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Hi @Kinozoom

Thanks for being a part of Community! Without a source, most likely they have been added due to general engagement, rather than subscribing to a newsletter, etc.
It is possible for profiles to populate as active profiles from within your account, without having subscribed to a List/placed an order/manual upload etc. Klaviyo creates a profile for any visitor that is cookied on your connected website. Klaviyo cookies visitors who have:

  • Been identified via a Javascript Identify API request (through Klaviyo's Identify API)
  • Submitted to a Klaviyo Signup Form (or an integrated Signup Form depending on the integration)
  • Clicked into your site from a Klaviyo email
  • Added  ? to the URL

This thread also sheds some more light on the source for profiles:

 I hope this helps. Let me know if there are any followup questions.