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  • 26 February 2024
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I have many recent subscribers with the source -50. They are added to my subscriber list, but they do not enter my welcome flow becuase they do not sign up through my newsletter sign up. I think that these are not valid subscribers. How do they sign up and what is the best way to purge them from my subscriber list?


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3 replies

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Hi Sally,

Here is the Source value reference for all $source numbers.

It seems that -50 for the property $source equals Shopify.

It’d be great to understand where this -50 is being implemented. Is it during the checkout process, or perhaps through a different sign-up mechanism, separate from your usual pop-up, like the footer?

Additionally, I have a couple of queries regarding your subscriber management:

  1. Do you consolidate all subscribers into a single list (default called Newsletter), or do you maintain multiple lists segmented by different sign-up forms?
  2. Is there a filtering system in place that excludes customers who have completed a purchase from receiving the Welcome flow? My concern is that if the -50 tag is applied post-consent in the Checkout process, those customers might not be the intended recipients of the Welcome flow.



Thanks so much. I do consolidate all subscribers into a single list so sound like I might want to create a second list. Yes, clients that have completed a purchase do not receive my welcome flow. And, I have verified that -50 tag is not applied during checkout. This is such a mystery as I cannot figure out where in shopify the sign up is occuring. Thank you for your help.

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Hey @sally,

After further investigation, if a profile took any of these below actions, they could be synced with the -50 source value.  
• If the profile placed an order through your website,
• If a customer was tracked via a Shopify form,
• If a customer started checkout, and ticked the checkbox on the checkout page for consenting to marketing - whether they opted in or not,
• If a customer submitted a Klaviyo form on Shopify that had no $source value assigned to it, they may come across with a value of -50 as well in some cases, or they may just have a blank source value. That could be a quiz, or any other app that collects emails!


How about you create a segment like this:


And review the profiles in it:
1. Where do they sign up? Is it at Checkout? Or after they land on your website?
2. Do they receive the Welcome emails?

Let me know if that helps,

🚨🚨🚨 Please do not move to multiple lists, as it’ll probably make your life more complicated. Stick to one main list please :)