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  • 1 March 2024
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Hello Klaviyo community!

We migrated from Mailchimp to Klaviyo over 2 years ago and still have our mailchimp integration on just in case. All email communications we send are from Klaviyo (marketing) or Shopify (for transactional) 

The odd time (maybe 1 or 2x a month), we’ll receive this automated email from mailchimp to remove a contact that has requested, which i then remove their profile that we have in Klaviyo.

Does anyone know why this wouldn’t come to Klaviyo as a request? Secondly, when I go to look at said customer, they’ve JUST subscribed to our main newsletter the moment we get this email. It’s very few and far but I am curious if anyone knows why it goes through Mailchimp and also what this request looks like from a customer’s point of view.


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Hi @LM0721, welcome to the community.

Though my experience in Mailchimp is limited to mostly migrations to Klaviyo, my best understanding of what is happening is that those “Mailchimp Privacy Rights Requests” requests may have come from an automated email from Mailchimp if a user goes directly to Mailchimp to have their contact removed from all Mailchimp provided services. 

Those can trickle down to various Mailchimp “Members” that the contact may belong to (sometimes unknowingly) to different Mailchimp Member accounts.  Since you technically still have Mailchimp account, I think you get these whenever this happen.  

As for Klaviyo not getting these requests, I think that’s simply because they are two different systems and the users are requesting it from Mailchimp and not Klaviyo.

I’m not sure why a recently subscribed person would immediately want to request deletion, but just double check you still don’t have emails that are being sent out to the members.  Perhaps you have a double-optin email in Mailchimp still being sent?  Or, perhaps you have some other automated Mailchimp welcome email still enabled?  Whatever the case, it seems the users are going to Mailchimp for those data deletion requests (and not Klaviyo) because my guess is they are still getting emails from Mailchimp.

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@LM0721 hey there!

Just to add to what Joseph said, I think this can be easily resolved by disabling and shutting down your Mailchimp account completely. You don’t really need to keep your Mailchimp integration on for any reason once you’ve moved over to Klaviyo, provided you’ve only used Mailchimp for email marketing, and not landing pages etc.

Once you’ve disabled the integration and removed your account, new subscribers will no longer also be imported into Mailchimp (which is what is happening at the moment), and you will no longer get these emails from them.

Klaviyo’s data deletion process is explained in THIS ARTICLE. Note that just because you deleted someone in Mailchimp, they are not automatically deleted in Klaviyo. 

Happy to chat further!

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Hi @LM0721 

To echo the responses by @retention and @StefanUE

I had a Shopify client who had not used Mailchimp for a few years since moving to Klaviyo. However the Mailchimp app was still live on Shopify and so too was their their Mailchimp account. During testing email submissions, I received a double opt-in confirmation email from Mailchimp and Klaviyo. Deleting the Mailchimp/Shopify app solved that.

If a Mailchimp-branded email is being sent to your subscribers, it may spook some of them enough to request deletion. That may explain why you receive those emails occasionally when a contact subscribes via Shopify/Klaviyo.



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Thanks everyone! This is so helpful and makes total sense.

I am going to go ahead and remove the mailchimp integration then and take a look into what’s going on with its connection in shopify.