Recharge and Klaviyo integration

  • 2 August 2021
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Hi, where would i report issues with the recharge/klaviyo integration?


It’s incorrectly reporting that 95% of my current product subscribers have 0 active subscriptions in the custom property ‘rc_active_subscription_count


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Hello @Reco,

Thank you for sharing this with the Klaviyo Community.

In our ReCharge Integration documentation, there's a section about "Customer Data Synced from ReCharge" — in it, it outlines how Klaviyo adds a custom property to profiles with active subscriptions. This property is ReCharge Subscriptions rather than rc_active_subscription_count. You may want to verify with Recharge what rc_active_subscription_count is referring to exactly. With respect to the custom property Recharge Subscriptions:

  • This custom property will be a list of all products this person has subscribed to
  • If someone cancels a subscription for a given product, that product will automatically be removed from the ReCharge Subscriptions list on their profile
  • If someone cancels all active subscriptions, this property will become empty

Here's an example of what that custom property looks like in a profile:


Additionally, if the user is a current active or inactive subscriber, this status will be tracked under Shopify Tags. In this example, the user is currently an active subscriber.

If you are still noticing discrepancies in subscriber count, you can run a historical sync by navigating to the Integrations Tab within Klaviyo > Recharge > Re-import Historic Data.

I hope that helps!

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Thanks Dov, i just did the historic data import before i saw your post and that has fixed it!

BTW rc_active_subscription_count is part of the V2 recharge klaviyo integration.