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  • 26 August 2023
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Hi, I have an old Klaviyo account that I want to get back up and running. I plan to import my current email list from Mailerlite.

I have over 100 old profiles still in this old Klayvio account and i would like to erase them all before import my current list.

I dont want to keep them because my old business (that they originally signed up for) has changed and i dont want these profiles to skew any data nor be sent emails they didnt ask for.

Some of the profiles might also be in my new list and i dont want doubles - especially if they have already unsubscribed from my new list but are still on the old one. 

I just want to erase and start from new. But i cant work out how to do this. there is n way to select them all and delete. I could my them into a list but even that seems hard?

Am i missing something, how can i make this easy?

Thanks for any help


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Hi @loubiblu 

To create a segment of all your profiles that you want to delete, create a segment as below. That segment will include all your current profiles. 

Then follow this help article on profile removal Delete contacts permanently from your account - just choose the segement you created above to delete them.

Obviously, once you’ve imported your Mailerlite contacts, you’ll want to also import the Mailerlite unsubscribes into Klaviyo’s supression list.

I would also take the extra step before you do the above: export your current klaviyo supression list as a csv. You may want to re-import that back into the suppression list if there’s a chance that any of your Mailerlite contacts are within those 100 contacts and they previously opted-out via Klaviyo.

Hope that helps.




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Hey @loubiblu,

@bluesnapper is spot on! 

I’m just curious though, what’s the reason for not wanting to simply create a brand new Klaviyo account associated with this new business you have? 

I think this method would be better at addressing your concerns of having corrupted data from your old business impacting your new business. This is because, although you deleted the profiles in the account, this doesn’t delete the actual data (metrics/events) from your account.