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  • 28 May 2022
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Hi, I have imported a few lists from Mailchimp and I also have many of these same emails auto imported from Shopify when I connected Klaviyo for Win Back Opportunities. Since Klaviyo charges based on Email counts, I am looking to remove any duplicates from all of my lists combined. There are probably 1,000 duplicates between my imported Mail Chimp list and Current Customers list. As one list was from coupon requests and many of those are now customers.

Need to save $ where I can you know.


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4 replies

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One way to approach this would be: 

First, combine all the lists you have in one list.

The easiest way to combine two or more lists is to build a segment that grabs contacts from the desired lists. Then, you can convert it into one main list that contains all of the associated profiles. 

Second, download it as a CSV file. Then open it with Microsoft Excel. And remove the duplicates by clicking Data > Remove Duplicates.

Eventually, upload the cleaned list back on Klaviyo.

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Hey @Tomson 

Thank you for reaching out to the Klaviyo Community! Glad that @sofijap has already jumped in to offer a solution. 

Just wanted to clarify one thing, Klaviyo attributes a profile to an email address first if we have one, then phone number or id. By rule, Klaviyo will merge the profiles automatically by email address, so there should be no duplicate profiles. So if you have multiple lists and Jon Snow shows up on all of them, all the information should merges into one profile as long as the email addresses are the same. If the same customer signed up with different email addresses, the approach that @sofijap gave is a great place to start to remove the unwanted profiles. Also, your Klaviyo plan is based on two factors: messages sent and the number of active profiles. So although Jon Snow may be on many list, his 1 active profile is what is counted in your plan. 

Hope this helps!

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@stephen.trumble Hi, I have just seen duplicate profiles in my Klaviyo account today. Same email address, same first name, same last name, but 2 profiles.


So the person was receiving sales email from us even though we had already converted her to attend our event.

I had to hit the Merge Profiles button to resolve this.


But now I'm worried this is happening for more people in my database.


How is it happening in the first place?

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@stephen.trumble Upon checking, that's almost 500 people now with the same email address but different Klaviyo IDs. How is that possible? How do you remedy this besides manually hitting the Merge Profiles button for each person?