Remove Supressed List from Segment

  • 21 June 2022
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I have a newsletter list which is all customers who sign up for our monthly newsletter through our website and when I click on manage list it has a view list suppressions option and then remove suppressed profiles option. 

If I remove suppressed profiles what does this do? Can I export this list some how? 


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Hi @daphnemann,

Welcome to the Community.

Almost all data within Klaviyo can be exported including your lists, segments, campaigns, flows, email templates etc. To do so, I would suggest taking a look at some of the articles I linked below to get you started:

When an email recipient unsubscribes from a list, they are removed from that list. However, when someone unsubscribes from a flow email or email sent to a segment, this person becomes suppressed in the sender's Klaviyo account. The user is considered globally suppressed, meaning their profile will remain intact and appear in lists, but they will no longer receive emails. That option, as stated in the name, would remove globally suppressed and unsubscribed profiles from a list, so your list contains only active, emailable profiles.