Reporting for Unsubscribe Reasons

  • 17 February 2023
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Hello community,


I’m collecting unsubscribe reasons and storing them as custom properties in Klaviyo profiles.

How do I create a Klaviyo dashboard report or export a tabled report for further analysis?


A bit more context:

When someone unsubscribed, they can choose from 5 multiple choice reasons.

The custom klaviyo property name = Email Unsubscribe Reason

The “Email Unsubscribe Reason” property value = their choice.


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1 reply

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Hey @Andrew.Walters!

Here’s my preferred method for exporting custom profile property data to analyze:

  1. Create a segment to identify everyone with your target property on their profile. So in this case, it could use the condition “Properties about someone” = “Email Unsubscribe Reason” on their profile, and IF that property “is set.” (Here’s a help doc with segment conditions if it’s helpful)
    1b. Not picking a specific value of the property will help you grab anyone who has a value for that property on their profile.
  2. Export that segment as a CSV.
  3. I like using Airtable for my analysis, you can easily group people based on their custom property values, and create different tables or charts based on that.

Best of luck!