Reviewing Lists & Segments: Questions

  • 7 May 2023
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Hi. I am reviewing my lists and flows and as a beginner, it’s throwing up some questions. I wonder if someone can help please?

I have created a segment ‘Unengaged had 10 emails’ This has given me a little more than 6000 people on it

I want to remarket to these with a discount offer with those not replying being moved to a ‘To be surpessed’ list (For me to then add to the main surpressed list by upload)

Would I be best creating a campaign for this and targetting the unengeaged list? and then maybe a flow ? But what would the flow look like?

Feeling a bit dim :-)



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Welcome to the community @Funky2021 

Great to see you are aiming to complete some list cleaning of your subscribers - this is definitely a step in email marketing ‘housework’ that is both good for you customer base, but also provides the opportunity to re-engage some of those customers. 

My suggested best course of action is to use one of the pre-defined Flows that is available in Klaviyo called a ‘Sunset Flow’. This provides you with the ability to reach out to customers automatically with a series of emails (if you wish) and then eventually tag them as suppressed. 

The promo code you mention, could be part of the first email in the flow. This way you don’t need to do a campaign every so often, let the flow work for you, automatically.

Here is some information on creating a Sunset flow:

And here is an example (via Klaviyo) of how this flow may look:


I hope his helps! Let me know if you would like any further information.