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  • 20 March 2024
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I have a prospect list of 180,000.  I want to create 8 unique list samples.  Do list samples contain duplicates from other samples of the same list?


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Hello @Tom K!

Welcome to the Klaviyo community :)

I will try my best to help!

  • Are the 180,000 unique or is there a possibility of duplication?
  • Klaviyo will not allow for duplicate emails so if there are duplicates, the list will size will drop.

Looking forward to your response!

Alex :)

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Here’s what I did before:  I want to limit my send quantity to 25,000 batches. Of the 180,000, I created a sample of 25,000, then a sample of 50,000, then a sample of 75,000, etc.  In each send I would NOT send to the orig. 25,000, then on the second send of 50,000 I would not send to the original 25,000, so on and so forth.  It got to be too cumbersome. 

I found another solution on the community and basically followed the directions using a Excel forumula =INT((ROW(B1)+1/25000.

My current move was to assign a “segment number” in the 180,000 (exported the list, email address only, as csv) for each 25,000 contacts (1,2,3, etc)  I created a column (B) in the exported file with these numeric designators created by using the formula.  I created a custom property in Klayvio called Send Group.  Upon import into Klayio I mapped the Send Group column (B) into the new property.  Then I created segments based on the numeric value of the property (Send Group 1, Send group 2, etc.  I now have a list broken with 8+ active segments which I can then mail just to that segment.  Front end work but much easier going forward.

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@Tom K Glad you were able to find a solution! 

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Hi @Tom K, I think your method works great if you want specifics groups of 25K that don’t overlap.

However, if you want true “randomness” you may want to consider just creating that extra column in your excel sheet and give each row a value of 1 through 8.  That way, your first group isn’t just the first 25K of your List.  Perhaps your List is alphabetical, or based on oldest entry to newest, or some other ordering bias.  

To do this, just number each row from 1-8.  So, the first email gets “1”, then the next gets “2” and so on until “8” and then repeat this down (you can just drag this down Excel, or use a formula).  Then you can upload that into Klaviyo and create Segments for Group 1 (where the value is 1) and Group 2 (where the value is 2) and so forth. 

In this way, your Group 1, will have people from the beginning to the end of the 180K contacts for a more proper “random” group.