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  • 30 January 2022
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I have sent a campaign to multiple segments at once and I want to see the open rate, click rate and conversion rate for this campaign split down by these segments

is this possible?

so campaign went to segment A (opened email last 30) and segment B (purchased last 30 days)

how can I see metrics for the campaign by segment? If possible?


Best answer by Bobi N. 31 January 2022, 08:18

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2 replies

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As much as I know there is no direct way to see this. But what you can do is for example if you want to see how many people from segment X opened this campaign.. go to segments, open the segment X, on the right top corner click manage segment and than click clone segment. There cloned segment will be created with same definitions as your segment X, change the name or add opened campaign and than in the definitions, leave the existing definitions just add additional definition AND opened email at least once where message was and select the campaign you want to check this for.. and update the segment..

Now you will still see just people from this segment because you cloned it with exact same definitions.. but because of the extra AND definition that you added it will just show you people from that segment who opened that email..

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ok thanks probably best to just send multiple campaigns but to 1 segment at a time then… then can see performance break down bit better