Segment based on repeated orders of a particular product

  • 9 November 2021
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Hey alltogether,

I want to have a segment thats fit the following conditions:

  1. repeated customer
  2. ordered defined product
  3. more then once several times in his lifetime

I struggle with 3.

My segment contains customers who placed orders at least 2 times. And it includes the customers who ordered the defined product 2 or more times in one order. My Segment should only contain customers who ordered a defined product at least two times in different orders (can be same day but usually longer time span within the next order.)

I think i miss something but i can’t get around it. Any help, hint, workaround would be appreciated.


BR Frank


Best answer by alex.hong 9 November 2021, 23:12

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3 replies

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Hey there @Frank ,

Thanks for writing in! Hope to provide some info with what you’re experiencing with segment definitions and the placed order metric.

In short, there is no method to check condition of a customer who has ordered multiple quantities of specific items but also in different orders over all time. 

The logic for segmentation like this gets tricky because it changes depending on if you use placed order = 2 or placed order = 2 where item = X.

If you use the former, the number 2 is looking at the number of total orders that qualify for the segment. In other words, only if two discrete orders are placed will users qualify for the segment.

If you use the latter, as long as item X was ordered twice, it doesn’t matter whether it comes from the same order or multiple orders. In other words, it’s order “agnostic” which goes against what you’re stipulating. 

You can use them in combination to specify Placed order = 2 AND placed order = 2 where item = X but that will “lock in” the number of orders and the item quantity. However, Klaviyo still “won’t care” whether that item was ordered twice in the same order or once in one order and another time in another order. So to summarize again, we cannot segment to isolate the number of times the item comes up per order like you said initially.


Hope this helped!

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Hey @alex.hong,

thanks for sharing your insights. Yes thats why I struggled to build the Segment the way i wanted.

Looking for another solution then.

Purpose of the Segment was more to check if a defined product is ordered again and again or if it was a one time thing.

Thanks again Alex.

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My pleasure @Frank,

Glad I could offer some insight and help with your idea. I would consider seeing if your native storefront has any method to track this data as well. 


Have a good day :)