Segment conditions pulling wrong customers

  • 19 January 2023
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Hi, we’re trying to create a segment based on customers that seem to be part of a company. So their email address is likely to end in To do this we started a segment like this:

Properties about someone

Email doesn’t end with Type text


Email doesn’t end with Type text

(and so on...)

This is working for most of them. I’ve asked it to remove the @gmail addresses and it seems to have worked. 


The problem is I’m putting certain ESP’s into this list yet they are still pulling those profiles into the segment. 

Example,  I’ve put “doesn’t end with” (which I can see a customer has that address) - yet that customer is still showing up in the segment. 

The conditions are all identical and are definitely in the ‘OR’ properties (rather than ‘AND’).

Can anyone help?


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4 replies

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Hi @lisaspencer ,

Thanks for sharing.

Interesting behavior. Do you mind sharing a screenshot of an example profile that went through the segment filter as well as the definitions of the filter? Make sure to hide any sensitive information of course.




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Yes course here they are attached. We tried using ‘contains’ instead of ‘doesn’t end with’ and that doesn’t work for any of the gmail/hotmail etc. 



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Hey @lisaspencer,

Instead of using the “doesn’t end with” rule here, I think using “contains” would work better. The reason why using “contains” doesn’t seem to work as intended is due to your OR statement. When using negative conditions together, you’ll actually want to use an AND statement. 

From our AND vs. OR reference Help Center article:

When it comes to negative statements, remember that AND requires every condition to evaluate as true, whereas with OR, only one must be true.

For instance, if you want to create a flow filter that excludes those who live in the USA and Canada, you may think you would use Properties about someone and say Country doesn’t equal USA OR Country doesn’t equal Canada. However, the OR connector means that someone can live in Canada (and not the United States) and still go through this flow, since only one of these conditions must be true. To exclude people in both countries, use the AND joiner.

Because you’re using an OR statement to capture users whose email does not end in Gmail or Outlook, someone with a Gmail address technically isn’t an Outlook address either. This means that they would qualify for the segment. 

I would also encourage you to check out some past Community posts on this topic as well. I’ve included some below that other members have found helpful:


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Perfect! So it ended up being ‘doesn’t contain’ gmail/outlook etc. with ANDs and we filtered them out!