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  • 29 September 2022
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I’m just setting up Klayvio.  I’ve integrated my Shopify account and under lists and segment I don’t have a default “Newsletter” segment.  All the instructions say that this should be there.  I’m confounded.  All the other preset segments are there.  I’ve got to be missing something but this key segment is the starting point for everything and is everywhere in the set up instructions.

Can someone help?


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3 replies

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Hello @TanyaLetsGoEco ,

Welcome to the Community.

Just to clarify, can you share the documentation you are looking at that refers to the newsletter segment being created by default? 

Here is a guide for this: Where can I find my master list of customers? 

I believe I am able to view your Newsletter in the List & Segments tab. If you click on the List & Segments tab, then click the 'All Types' dropdown and select 'List', the Newsletter should be available there.
If this is not the List you are referring to, please let us know.



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That’s just it.  It’s not there.  

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In that case @TanyaLetsGoEco I would suspect that the Newsletter list was either deleted somehow or it was renamed to something else on your page. I would go ahead and check with Support as well.