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  • 24 June 2022
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A strange thing happened to my Klaviyo account: after creating a segment,
I noticed that the members who meet the criterion are not automatically inserted in the segment. I must necessarily update the segment and only in this way are they populated with new members that match the criterion. Sometimes the segment is updated after a few hours, but now, after 16 hours it did not update as well, I had to update myself manually. This causes a problem because some flows start when a member joiuns into a segment. Did a similar thing happen to you too? How can we solve? it's important… thanks so much who help me


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6 replies

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Hello @Raspada,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

That does seem like an odd behavior as segments typically occur as close to real-time as possible as mentioned in our How Segments Update Help Center article. 

One thing you’ll want to keep in mind is that when segments are updated in “real-time”, it would require you to refresh the page or click into the segment in order to see the updated changes. This means that if you were sitting on the general lists/segments page or in the segment itself after having created the segment and expected the number of qualified profiles increase, that would not be the case. For this reason, when you want to see the latest number of profiles that met a criteria, it’s typically best practice to refresh the general lists/segments page itself or clicking into the segment itself.

On a similar train of thought, depending on the rules you’ve used for the segment, you may see some changes occur very quickly. So much so, that during your review it may seem like the segment hasn’t updated, but in fact has and the profiles who qualified and entered the segment no longer qualified and was removed again. 

Additionally, have you reached out to our wonderful Support colleagues yet? If not, I would suggest doing so so they can investigate this further to help identify if this happens to a bug if you’ve double checked on the two points above.

I hope this helps!



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As it says in this documentation that you shared with me (Segments with Relative Time Conditions), I believe that the problem is due to the fact that I had to wait 24 hours because the segment defines users who have not done any action in the last hour.

So the user probably entered into the segment and immediately exited after taking an action on the site. And after an hour, having to re-enter the segment, we had to wait 24 hours.


Thanks to your documentation that you have shared to me I have studied a lot and I have understood very well how segments and flows that are activated by segments work


I hope this is the reason 🙂 if anyone can confirm it it would be great!


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Segments do not update in real-time. I have a segment that is only looking to see if a property has a value, 15 minutes later and the segment still has not updated with a new record that meets the criteria.

I was hoping to use this to trigger a flow but as it needs to be instant a segment won’t work


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Hey @CKUK, can you clarify more on what exactly you’re trying to accomplish?  Also, are you refreshing the page like David suggested?

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I want people to be sent an email when they meet the criteria of a segment after submitting a popup, I do not want to create a new list (which is faster) to accomplish the same thing. In testing this is taking somewhere between 8-20 minutes, really when someone is created the platform should process a person through all the segments at the time of creation.

It’s not a refresh issue

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Ah, I see! In this context “real-time” doesn’t necessarily mean instantaneously, which might be where our wires are crossed. 8-20 minutes is within the 1 hour processing time for automated updates as stated in the doc David linked. I can share this feedback with the team to clarify this better.

If it ever goes beyond 1 hour, definitely make sure to check Klaviyo’s status page or get support