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  • 2 November 2023
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I have set up a FREE SHIPPING code on first order for people that subscribe. My welcome series has 3 emails, of which the first one provides the shipping code.

How do I set up a segment to remind subscribers who have not used the Free Shipping code?  I can’t work out which definitions are relevant.


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Welcome to the community @Room Beauty 

The way I approach this is to include reminder emails in that flow with an ‘additional filter’ applied to the email. I’ve shown this below for Shopify. In this example, I’ve used ‘zero times over all time’ as I want to encourage a contact to use the welcome discount if they’ve not yet redeemed it. I add similar to other flows too.

If they haven’t redeemed it, they get the email. If they have redeemed it, they skip this email.

Is that what you’re looking for?



click to open additional filter settings
Email additional filter




Hi Andy, yes this is a great idea, thanks so much.   I’ve added the reminder to the flow using an additional filter.  I’m using Wordpress/Woocommerce so it’s different to Shopify but same principle.  I couldn’t find in the filter coupon/discount so I just put has placed order zero times over all time.  Do you know much about Woocommerce/Wordpress and Klayvio?