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  • 15 June 2021
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Trying to update a segment and it is just perpetually stuck at .1 percent. Nothing happens even If I refresh and try again. Any ideas as to why this would occur?




Best answer by Bobi N. 15 June 2021, 09:41

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2 replies

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@Scott S 

sometimes servers are just busy and you need to wait for some time. What I usually do in this kind of situation i go work on something else and come back later.. after some time it usually is finished

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Hello @Scott S,

On top of server load times causing a delay in your segment processing, I would recommend checking to see if you are logged into the correct account. 

If you have access to multiple accounts and began processing a segment within one, but then decide to leave that tab open and switch to an alternate account, the segment would still be processing in the backend but the progress bar would not update as you are no longer logged into that respective account it is occurring in. 

Adding to @Bobi N.’s great point, other factors that can impact segments processing are:

  • How complicated your segment rules are
  • The number of profiles you have in your account
  • If other events are being processed in your account (other segments being created, coupons being loaded, reports being exported, etc)

Hope this helps!