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  • 5 February 2022
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I would love to see segment based custom reports on the roadmap.

I’m doing a 2021 review of an email program and the segments are based on some very useful data points. Not being able to easily report on their growth over time seems like a big oversight.

I know I can go into each segment and go into the reports from there, but surely adding this to the custom reports can’t be too much of a leap? It’s incredibly time consuming if you have a lot.


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2 replies

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Hi @wernstrom,

Thanks for sharing this thought with us.

Absolutely! Thanks for bringing this up. Segment growth reporting is something that has come up quite a bit and is currently on the product roadmap set for release later this year. Whenever I have an update I’ll be sure to share with the group :)


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Hi @Dov, that’s awesome to hear, thanks!