Segmenting by Two Profiles Using the Same Email Address

  • 21 September 2022
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Hi everyone, 


I was wondering if anyone could help me? In order to comply with external regulations, one of my clients need to ensure that each customer on their database has their own account on their website. They currently have a list of customers that have different names and the same email address because they’re a family member, friend etc., but I need to segment these people so that we can add them into a flow to send them the email to update their details or create a separate account. 


Does anyone know how I could segment these people? I’ve already tried things such as Person’s first name equals 2 but have had no luck so was hoping someone would know if there’s an answer? I want to be able to get around manually uploading a CSV as a list but don’t know whether it’s possible or not? 




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So, if I understand correctly, you want to add two profiles to the same email?

That is not possible as email is a unique identifier as far as I know.


OR maybe you are asking to know whether a person has multiple emails. Which makes no sense as an email is a unique identifier.


This also means if you upload two lists of people with different names but the same email, in my experience the profile (which is hard-linked to the email) would just get updated with the name from the last updated data.

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Yes, essentially their database contains accounts with different names but the same email address. The client wants us to send all of these customers an email to update their email addresses but I don’t know how that will be possible when Klaviyo only allows one profile per email address. 


I was also wondering if Klaviyo forms flag to the customer if an email address is already taken? 

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Hi @Meg Fellows,

Thanks for sharing this question with the community.

@larindom is correct, the email address is the default unique identifier for the profile. So you shouldn’t have multiple profiles with the exact same email address. And even if that were the case, using another property (like you explained - segmenting by first name) should tease these users apart. In any case, it sounds like there’s something funky happening with these users. I recommend contacting support to take a closer look at these individual profiles - they’ll be able to help you with segmentation and walk you through a resolution.

With respect to your second question, say a user is filling out a Klaviyo sign-up form which includes an input field for their favorite ice cream, if the user were to fill the form a second time and input the same email address again, by default, we would simply update their favorite ice cream on the profile (rather than denying the user from filling out the form again). So the short answer is no, we won’t flag an already used email because it’s possible (and common) that people want to update information about their profile and we use their email address as the “anchor” or unique identifier (as I mentioned earlier) to associate that new information (i.e. new favorite ice cream flavor) with that email address to update their profile. 

With that said, we have an option on our sign-up forms to recognize users who have already filled the form to avoid showing them the form again. This is called Don’t Show to Existing Klaviyo Profiles under Targeting by Visitor. For more information on this, please see our documentation here.

I hope that’s helpful.

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Hi @Dov, they aren’t currently in Klaviyo as of yet, they’re on a separate CSV that’s being prepared to be uploaded into a list. That info is helpful though, so thank you! 


I was wondering if it was possible to collect multiple profiles in one form? Basically these customers with different names but the same email addresses are primary and secondary account holders, but the client wants to separate them out so that customers have their own accounts with their own email addresses. We have an embedded form drafted for customers to update their data if they’re the primary account holder, but I was wondering if on a next step, the customer could fill out the secondary account holder details with a separate email address and they would also get added as a Klaviyo profile? 

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Hi @Meg Fellows,

Thanks for your follow-up question and the clarification.

Ok that makes sense! While you can only include a single email input field on a Klaviyo form, since you have these users in a .csv already, what you can do is add an alias to the secondary account holder’s email, that will create a discrete Klaviyo profile for that user when you upload the .csv to your list.

Say user A (John Smith) uses the email You can amend the email address in the .csv file for the secondary account holder, Jane Doh to Adding the “+1234” after the email name but before the domain will create a discrete Klaviyo profile for the secondary user. Any form the user fills out with the alias will update the account/email with the alias. Similarly, any form the user fills out without the alias will update the account/email without the alias.

I hope that’s helpful.

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The + trick is super helpful in all sorts of situations outside of Klaviyo as well! I personally use it if I need separate logins to the same program but dont want to use different emails.

If the data is all outside of Klaviyo right now, you can use some excel/google sheet forumla’s to identify duplicate email addresses. This would at least help you identify accounts that are sharing emails. From here, you can create a campaign to these duplicate account holders requesting that they create a new account with a different email.