Segmenting Wholesale Customers (Shopify)

  • 11 September 2021
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We already use Klaviyo to segment retail customers. Is there a way to segment the Stores we sell to? Currently if they purchase through Shopify they are lumped into existing lists. Is there possibly a way to have tagged as wholesale customers flow into a Wholesale segment or list?


We’d also love to use Klaviyo as a form of CRM where we are tracking last order dates from Stores. Is this possible?




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Hello @KONZUK,

Thanks for sharing this question with the Klaviyo community. Many customers currently use Shopify Tags to segment their retail vs wholesale audiences.

Shopify's customer tags are assigned as custom properties to the Klaviyo Profile of each customer who is synced into Klaviyo through the Shopify integration. Therefore, if you were to create a “Wholesale” tag in Shopify and assign that to profiles in Shopify, that tag would be synced to their Klaviyo profile.

From there, you can segment wholesale users using that tag using the “properties about someone” condition. For more information, I recommend checking out our documentation on using Shopify tags to filter customers and our segmentation documentation.

I also recommend reviewing our thread on Shopify order tags which is another way to track wholesale customers in addition to tracking it on the profile level:

With respect to your second question I recommend reviewing the thread below: 

Also, Klaviyo will track all orders and the dates of those orders.

I hope that was helpful!


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Thank you for the valuable information @Dov . Much like @get-pozio I don’t have enough experience to know which CRM applications would meet our needs. They all seem like overkill.

I am simply hoping to utilize Klaviyo (or something in combination) to exclusively track our retail partners info., their last purchase date, add any notes. And in an ideal situation, be alerted when a certain time has period passed that they we should follow up.  

Can you share any further thoughts and/or recommendations?


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Thanks for sharing that information with us.

Klaviyo can definitely achieve all of the functionality you mentioned through different methods. With respect to tracking retail partner information, much of this information will be synced over by default into Klaviyo as long as this information is contained in Shopify. I recommend reviewing our documentation Reviewing Your Shopify Data to better understand what data points we will automatically sync from Shopify to Klaviyo.

For last purchase date and notes, we don’t sync these over from Shopify by default. In order to transfer this information to Klaviyo, you can upload a .csv file including the email address of the contact, their last purchase date and any notes, each as separate column headers and fill in the respective values for these fields. Next, upload the file to a Klaviyo list. The result will be these fields (last purchase date + notes) will be logged in Klaviyo as discrete custom properties for each email address. For more information on uploading custom properties I recommend reviewing our guide here. This principle can be applied to any data point you wish, so if you noticed you wanted another field included in Klaviyo as a custom property and it’s not being synced over from Shopify, you can rinse and repeat this process.

In terms of the alert, I recommend looking into adding a notification action to a flow. The notification flow action allows you to email up to five people when someone first triggers or reaches a particular point in a flow. It sends internal notifications to your team around certain activities that require specific follow-up or attention; for example, notifying your customer experience team when someone leaves a detractor NPS score, or alerting your sales team when someone is added to a wholesale or VIP list. For more general information on flows and getting started with them, I recommend looking at our article here.

I hope that was helpful!

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Incredible feedback @Dov ! Very much appreciated.