Segments based off multi-checkbox answers

  • 21 February 2022
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Hi folks, 

Just trying to clarify something…

If I have a form with a multi-checkbox block, say 4 difference options each with their own property/value… For example, lets use colours, so white, black, green, yellow.

So, someone could submit a form where they have selected black and green.

If I want to get a tally on how many of these properties have been “chosen” regardless of how many profiles may have made multiple selections, is building a segment using “property” “contains” then white/black/green/yellow per segment correct? In this instance I don’t care about other permutations of multiples… I just want to be able to say “50 people total selected green”, “10 people selected yellow” etc based off the number of profiles that populate in each segment.



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Hi there @wernstrom,

Great question! Hope I can clarify.

If you use a multi-checkbox option on a preferences page or form, that will get passed into a profile as a "list" data type. Here's a quick breakdown of how that would look: 
Customer A selects "yellow" and no other color 

They'd get a profile property like this: Interests: yellow


Customer B selects "yellow" and "green"

They'd get a profile property like this: Interests: yellow, green 

You could then create a segment like this: 

Properties about someone > Interests > contains "yellow"

Both customer A and B would appear in this segment. 

If you want to have a separate property for each interest, you'd need to include those as Radio buttons instead.

From there you would just create a segment for whichever you are looking for.


Hope that helped!

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Thanks @alex.hong , definitely want to keep the options for multiple selections open, but understanding the function of “list” as a data type helps a lot.