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  • 20 February 2024
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We’re a Shopify store that has two broad buyer types:

  1. Self User (of the product)
  2. Gift Buyer

I want to segment each buyer type at the point of purchase with a view to adding them to relevant flows, campaigns etc.

NB: I can’t segment buyers based on what products (eg gift v non gift) they buy as our products aren’t differeniated like that ie ‘Gift A’ can be bought by a self user or a gift buyer.

My idea was to ask them to self select on post purchase.

Is this the right approach? If so how would that work?

Any other ideas?



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Hi @blaz , it sounds like the best approach would be to use custom hidden profile properties when asking your customers to self-identify in a post purchase flow. This Klaviyo article talks you through it, but essentially you would use this link 


{% update_property_link 'profile_property' 'property_value' 'redirect_link' %}


Where ‘profile property’ equals the property you want to identify (ie. Type of buyer) and the ‘property value’ is the value for each type - in your case perhaps “gift” and “self” - important to note that the spelling and capitalization matters - if you create a property of Gift and gift they will not be counted as the same value in Klaviyo. 


Good luck,

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thanks @KatherineB 

Would it be that everyone goes into the post purchase flow and the first email is where they self select as a ‘buyer type’?

In this instance we now have three groups of buyers

  1. self user
  2. gift buyer
  3. Unknown (for people who haven’t self selected)

Lets say I want to send the gift buyers down one email sequence and the self users/unknowns down another email sequence.

Would that be done in the existing post purchase flow or would you put them into another/new ‘self user/uknown post purchase’ flow or ‘gift buyer post purchase flow’?