Send auto-emails to people who request access to my Shopify store?

  • 9 March 2021
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I’m very new to Klaviyo and was wondering if you could help me figure out how to do the following:

  • Send an automated email to a user who requests access to my gated Shopify store.
    • i.e. Thanks for requesting access, someone will be in touch shortly.
  • Send an automated email to a user once they are marked as “approved” in Shopify.
    • i.e. You now have access, log in here [...]

I already set up auto-emails via Flow in Shopify, but it does not allow me to send to the end-user.


Other info:

The sign-up form I’m using is the generic Shopify form.

I see that when I test the sign-up form, it is being logged in Klaviyo in the Profiles list.


How do I get started?

Thank you


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@Bianca - Welcome to Klaviyo and the community here.

If you want to send an automated email, you *can* use the standard “Shopify Form” as you mentioned, but it also means anytime someone is added to Klaviyo via Shopify, you may inadvertently trigger that Flow.  I do recommend creating a specific “Klaviyo Signup Form” specifically for those use case scenarios for people requesting access. 

Then, you create a “Flow” triggered by the “source” value of that form.  Here’s an example of the Source value of a Klaviyo Signup Form:


Here’s a Flow triggered by that source value.  In this example, my source value is “Coupon” but you can use any value you put in the Source value of the Signup Form:

Here I have a Flow Triggered by List, filtered to only those whose “source” value is “Coupon”.  

As for sending an email based on a “tag” - I would recommend first creating a segment based on your tag like this:

Then, creating a Flow triggered by Segment like this:

So, whenever someone enters the segment (Based on a Shopify Tag), they enter the Flow and will receive Emails as you define it in the flow.

Hope this helps!