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  • 22 June 2024
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Over the past 6 months, I have over 1500 Add to Cart that have been bought in from Ads.

I don't know how many have subscribed via a Popup or Newsletter.

Is there a way to easily find all past Add to Cart profiles, and create a list, to then re-engage them with an offer.

Also, would this work for Abandoned Carts.





Best answer by Anyi 24 June 2024, 18:09

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Hello @BTO 

Use the pre-built Abandoned Cart(added to cart option) flow.

Go to Flows > Create > scroll to the “Browse by goal” section and select “Prevent lost sales” > Select “Abandoned Cart Reminder” with the “Added to Cart Trigger”



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Hi @Anyi,


How far back will this capture profiles?



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The flow I mentioned above will be nice to have in place for future add to cart events.

A more fitting solution to your current issue will be to:

  1. First create a segment of all “Added to Cart” from the past 6 months(26 weeks) like shown below.




  1. Then re-engage them with your offer.


Hope this helps.


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Hi @Anyi,

Thanks for the reply, I will set this up now.