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  • 30 June 2022
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Hello everyone, I would like to ask if there is a way to send to each address of a mailing list, a specific URL from a CSV file containing an X amount of URLs.


The final outcome would be each email address receiving an email with a unique and personal URL. Thanks in advance!


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Hi @Riccardodg, welcome to the community!

If you have a specific URL for each email, you can upload that into one of your Klaviyo Lists and assign it a Custom Property field name. Klaviyo has a good documentation on how to upload emails with custom properties here:

Then, you can use the personalization tag in your Campaign (or Flow Message) Email Template like you use any custom property in a template.  In this case, the field name is “Custom-URL” - but of course you can name this field whatever you want.  There’s also a “default” value in the event that a Profile doesn’t have this field value. 

{{ person|lookup:'Custom-URL'|default:'some default URL' }}

Hope that helps!