Setting up Pop-up on a Multi-region Website (Shopify)

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I’ve been trying to collect Newsletter signups through a Pop-up set up on Shopify store that has a Global store and a UK store. I’ve set up a pop-up on the UK store account on Klaviyo but all the entries on that pop-up are being added to a List on the Global store account. What could be the issue and how do I resolve it?


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Hi @arham004,

Thanks for sharing this question with us.

It sounds like you have Klaviyo’s onsite javascript snippet for your Global store on your UK website. The reason those sign-ups are being routed to your other (Global) account is because that snippet (which powers our sign-up forms) contains a public API key linked to a given Klaviyo account. So if the script pointing to your Global store exists on your UK site, users signing-up could be routed to the Global store.

This will have to be fixed by our support team (it’s a quick and easy fix). Please reach out to them and provide them with the email address associated with your Klaviyo accounts. They’ll be able to square this away for you.

Since we auto-inject our onsite javascript snippet for Shopify, this can occur if you integrate multiple Shopify stores with Klaviyo using the same web URL.

Thanks for being a member of our community. 

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Hello! Thanks for the quick response. I’ll be contacting the support team shortly!