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  • 2 August 2023
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I’m looking to export all my customers who haven’t placed an order, but input details or put their details into the ‘sign up for discount’ pop-up into my Klayvio segment for potential buyers. My customer list has almost 600 people in it, but on Klayvio it’s only 225? I’d like it to be dynamic, so whenever someone doesn’t follow through with an order it’s updated. I have an abandoned cart flow which converts contacts from shopify over to klayvio just fine. But there’s a leak somewhere getting contacts who have input their details into my segment on Klayvio. Any advice on where to look to fix this?


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Hello @MarcSimps,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

I think it’s important to understand that not every contact in your account is going to be considered a subscriber in your list. This surplus of contacts (profiles) that end up on your list are synced through general engagement from any point of providing you their email address. We explain more on this in our Understanding active email profiles in Klaviyo help center article.

Similarly, not everyone who fills out your form is going to end up on your list as subscribers. This behavior is typical if you have double opt-in enabled on your list - which is by default. Users who fill out the form, but do not confirm their subscription would still be synced to your Klaviyo account as an active profile. Only until they confirm their double opt-in would they be considered subscribers and added to your Klaviyo list. 

With that in mind, I think using the segment definition “what someone has done, placed order zero times over all times AND properties about someone, $consent_form_id equals X” should do the job at grouping users who filled out a specific (Klaviyo) sign-up form but has not made a purchase.

I’ve also included some additional Community posts below that I think it may be helpful in taking a look at:

I hope this helps!