Shopify Flow To Klaviyo Creating Tags

  • 26 February 2024
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Hi - I am using Shopify Flows in conjunction with Collabs, when a creator is approved in Collabs, I want to push an event to Klaviyo and have it tag them so that I can then create a segment in Klaviyo based on this. I want them all tagged with the same wording "Approved Creator" - anyone know how to do this? I went to the Customer Properties and did this: {"tags": "{{Approved_Creator}}"} but am getting "Approved_Creator" is invalid. Replace this variable. - any way to do it without a variable?


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Hey @chelsgrove! Shopify Flows and Collabs are Shopify-owned features, so we have very little insight into troubleshooting them. With that said, I managed to dig up a few resources that may help steer you in the right direction: 


For any further investigation, I recommend reaching out to Shopify’s Support team. Do let us know what you find out!