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  • 4 October 2021
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Hello Klaviyo,


We want to collect the list of people who subscribed using the footer subscription form in our homepage for the creation of our Welcome Flow. But we are encountering issue when we try to update the integration settings. What to do?





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Hey @Roanne,

In order to connect or make changes and updates to an integration, you must have at least Manager level permissions within Klaviyo as detailed in the Guide to User Management and Privileges Help Center article. As far as the permissions on the integration side of things, we typically recommend either being the account owner or having at least admin level access which are granted integration permissions. 

That error suggest that a potential resolution would be to fully remove the Shopify integration and attempting to full re-integrate Shopify with Klaviyo again. In the event your Klaviyo account already has a Shopify integration set, you can attempt to fully remove the integration per the Disable or Remove a Klaviyo-Built Integration article and attempt a full re-integration of the Shopify instance per the How to Integrate with Shopify guide.

If this issue persists, I would suggest reaching out to our Klaviyo support to take a look further into your accounts integration or alternatively reaching out to Shopify Support for more details in your account and potential causes preventing you from updating the integration settings between these two platforms. 


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Hello @Roanne,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

Do you happen to have access to multiple Klaviyo and Shopify accounts? From my experience, you may run into this sort of issue and be prevented from updating the Shopify integration settings if you are currently signed into a Shopify account which is not associated or linked to the Klaviyo account you are currently logged into. Klaviyo uses existing caches to authenticate your Shopify credentials. If you are currently signed into a Shopify account whose credentials do not match the one from the Klaviyo account you are signed in with and attempt to update the settings, you’ll be greeted with that page as this will be flagged as an authentication issue. 

To resolve this, I would suggest taking the following steps:

  1. Signing out of both the Klaviyo and Shopify account on the browser
  2. Fully clearing the cache and cookies on the browser
  3. Closing the browser and all browser windows
  4. Launching an incognito/private browser
  5. Signing back into both Shopify and Klaviyo of the associated account
  6. Attempt to update the integration settings again

In the event that this does not resolve your issue, I would suggest checking in on the permission levels of both your Klaviyo and Shopify credentials and ensure you have the proper permissions to make updates to these integrations. 

I hope this helps!


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Hi David,

Thank you for your reply. I have tried all the steps, but it's still showing me the same error. I’m guessing this is because of the permission. What should be my role in both klaviyo and Shopify, so I can get the permission for updating the integration?




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Also, I notice this message. 

Does it mean that klaviyo should be added to apps in shopify even if shopify is already integrated in klaviyo?