Shopify Newsletter Subscribers are not displayed in the Klaviyo list

  • 22 November 2021
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Hello, I am using the Shopify form for newsletters on my Shopify site. The Klaviyo app is also set up successfully. If someone registers using the Shopify form and has successfully double opted in, then I find him under "Customers" in Shopify and I find him under "Profiles" at Klaviyo, but I don't find him in the "Newsletter" list where I do would like to have him. Because of this, the flow cannot get a trigger and start. In my Klaviyo app on Shopify I also stated that the customers who are accepted into Shopify should be added directly to the klaviyo "Newsletter" list. Does somebody has any idea? Double opt-in ist deactivated in Klaviyo cause shopify does this step. Thank you :) 


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Hey @Exotery 

Thank you so much for coming to the Klaviyo Community for help with your Shopify signup forms and your Klaviyo app. Happy to help!

There are a few things you are going to want to check the Troubleshoot Signup Forms. 

If people are filling out your form but not being added to your list: 

  • Make sure that you’ve selected a list in the form’s button settings
  • Check your list’s opt-in settings. If the list is set to double opt-in (recommended), then the missing subscribers likely did not complete the confirmation step. 
  • Klaviyo.js code snippet is installed correctly in your Shopify store.

If the number of form submissions doesn’t match the number of people in your list, subscribers might not have completed the confirmation step (if your list is set to double opt-in). It could also reflect duplicate entries. If a subscriber fills out a form repeatedly, each entry will count as one “submission” in your form analytics, but they will only appear in your list one time. Finally, it’s also possible that some submissions came from bots or list bombers. Klaviyo has list bombing protections in place to protect you from these cyber attacks.

Next, check out the Help Center article on How to Sync Shopify Signup Forms to a Klaviyo List. This will help you troubleshoot specific Shopify Signup Form challenges by going step by step to make sure you didn’t accidentally miss a step. Also, because this signup form was built and published in your Shopify account, I would check out Shopify’s Help Center documentation as well for further clarity, as we cannot see what your setup looks like on our end. 

Also check out this other Community Post!

Hope this helps get you pointed in the right direction. Thank you so much for being part of the Klaviyo Community!