Shopify tag based flows with automatic discounts of different values

  • 8 December 2022
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Hi there, 

I’ve got multi level flows to create and i can’t get it working and here’s what i’m trying to do: 

I need six of below flows based on tags: 

  1. Tag shopify profile as influencer (okay) and tier (1 to 6 - okay)
  2. Create 6 segments in klaviyo by Influnecers tier (okay)
  3. Create shoipyfy discounts (6 of different values) - which should be created dynamically as users are added and emails sent to them (created but can’t test)
  4. Create 6 flows - 6 segments with 6 dynamic coupon based on tier with links inside email templates (not working)

So essentially, if we label someone in shopify as influencer and give them tier they should be added by Klaviyo to the right segment and the tigger the right flow with an automatically generated code (with the right value for that particular flow).  

we are in Australia so i can never get help because of time difference :(




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Hey @skytulip ,

What level Shopify are you on? And any reason you are using dynamic codes vs static codes?

One thing you can do with a static code in Shopify, is make it only eligible for customers with a certain tag. Meaning you could tag customers Influencer20 and then make a coupon code that only works with customers tagged Influencer20. This way you can control who can use the code and the code wouldn’t work for the general public. 


If you’re on Shopify Plus, there is a bunch you can do with scripts based on customer tags too. 


Would any of those options work?

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Thanks for that i will try. 


Would you know why my flow is not triggering an email to this dynamic list? I’ve got people on the list. 

i also tried adding more people and still nothing even waited a few hours to allows for lag.