Should I keep B2B and B2C lists seperate?

  • 11 April 2023
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We have an existing B2C list on Klaviyo but have kept our B2B on a different email provider.  We are thinking of migrating over our trade and PR lists to Klaviyo but I’m not quite sure of the benefits of one list with different properties or tags v having separate lists - what is the advice from others?  


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3 replies

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This can be tough to answer without seeing how you treat those two lists with your email communications but in most cases with my clients with two audiences like that - I keep them on two separate lists.

Since I'm always sending specific campaigns only to my B2C and sending totally different campaigns to my B2B and they never cross over, have two lists makes it cleaner for me.

It then becomes really easy to apply filters to any of your B2C flows to easily exclude your B2B list contacts in-case they do trigger any metrics. It doesn't hurt to also have user's profile properties also marked specifically for B2B fields, that'll just add an extra layer that you can use for segmentation.


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Hey @SallyB,

I’m in complete agreement with @Spark Bridge Digital LLC on this as well!

I would also not advise using two separate email marketing providers as this could be detrimental to your overall sending reputation and deliverability depending on how your sending infrastructure is set up. 

By using two different providers, it makes it difficult for inbox provider to determine which source you’re actually sending emails from versus a potential malicious actor - even if both sources were legitimate. 



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Thanks so much for your replies @Spark Bridge Digital LLC and @David To.  I’m with you.  One email provider and two lists.  Great feedback and really quick - I really appreciate your help.  All the best.  Sally