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  • 2 February 2024
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My sign up emails have stopped sending. I haven’t changed any settings on my Klavio or Shopify account? I just signed up with a new test email and it is showing me on the Profile list but I haven’t received the email to confirm I want to subscribe. I know it was working a few weeks ago but no emails have been sent out even though there are new customers on the profile list.


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7 replies

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Hey @vmoore! To clarify, by “sign up emails” you’re referring to the opt-in confirmation email, correct? Not a welcome series or other sign up flow? 


Hi Kaila, yes it's the opt-in confirmation email. It just seems to have stopped sending for some reasons. Customers confirm their subscription then receive a 10% discount code.

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Alrighty! Let’s dig in:


  1. What exactly do you mean by “then they receive a 10% discount code”? Is that code sent in a separate email?
  2. Is it just your test profile that didn’t receive the opt-in confirmation, or is it not sending to any new subscribers? You can confirm this checking list subscribers against all your profiles. No profiles will be added to the list if they don’t confirm the opt-in and instead will be added as a blank profile. Subscribed profiles will have a green check mark like this:


  3. Can you show me your list Consent settings to confirm double opt-in is enabled?



Hi Kaila, in response to your questions:

  1. Once the customer adds their email address to the sign up form on my website it should send them an email to confirm their subscription. This will then add them to the subscribers list which should then trigger the welcome email flow.
  2. I have not had any new subscribers added to the list since 9/11/2023. I have tested this using 3 test email address. None of them are current subscribers. None of the emails have received the email to confirm the subscription so they aren’t getting added to the subscribers list.
  3. Yes I have double opt in enabled.
  4. I have also tried sending an email to my email address on the current subscribers list. I have not received the email even though it is saying sent in Klaviyo. 
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@vmoore Thanks for the follow up!


Since the breakdown sounds like it’s happening immediately with the sign-up form, can you triple confirm your sign-up form is connected to the list you expect the profiles to be added to? You can check by going to Sign-up forms > Edit form. Click the subscribe button and check the “List to Submit” option. 



Hi Kaila,

Yes the subscribe button looks exactly as shown on your reply. 



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Hmm! In that case I’m going to create a support ticket to have them investigate further. There might be a bug happening here. You can expect an email from them soon!