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  • 6 November 2023
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Hello, I've recently linked Klaviyo to Shopify.


I’ve got over 3,000 active profiles when it synced up. I currently only have 1,300 email subscribers. So it’s a lot of active profiles who haven't subscribed in the past. I’d assume a lot of these are cold and not really worth sending an email to (worried it will affect deliverability in the future). Does anyone have tips on how I can clear these? I thought of 2 options:


  • Send 2 emails to all win back opportunities (1,000 contacts). If someone doesn't open either then surpress them. (mini winback flow) - Worry is that it’s someone who was added to Shopify ages ago and they class it as spam.
  • Keep the unengaged 90 day flow and surpress them when they reach that. Seems a bit pointless as a lot of the active profiles won't be receiving an email for 90 days and I will have been paying for them. 

Any help would be much appreciated!





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Hi @JackP97 ,

Welcome to the Community! 

Yes, when integrating your Shopify site with your Klaviyo account, you may find that it has ported over some historical customer data for users who have not yet opted in for email marketing. 

There was an excellent thread posted to the Community recently about how to approach Profiles for users who Never Subscribed. You can read more on that here as it will help to provide some further perspective on the cautions you should take if contacting these users: 

I’d recommend creating a segment of users who meet the criteria you use to define this group of non-subscribers, and suppressing them. You can read more about How to bulk suppress or delete email contacts in Klaviyo on the Help Center. Suppressed users can later re-subscribe themselves should they wish.

You may alternatively choose to reach out to users in this segment via a campaign or automated flow, but I would advise to proceed with caution and remember that these are users who have not provided their explicit consent to receive marketing messages from your brand. 


Hope this helps! 

-- Ashley Ismailovski

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Thanks for this Ashley. I thought as much, I was worried about sending them a blanket email / flow. How would you filter them into a segment as I can only see a filter for ‘can or cannot receive email marketing’ and I believe that’s to do with a list of people that are suppressed already!

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@JackP97 In addition to the suppression status, you can add a further filter to this segment to indicate when a users can receive marketing emails because they never subscribed. The additional definition would look something like this:

More details can be found here: How to create a not opted-in segment


Ashley Ismailovski