Signup forms - Where are the rest of my signups?

  • 28 September 2022
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I was wondering if someone could help me solve where some of my email signups have gone to?

In total I have had 26 customers complete my signup form, these are meant to be added to my newsletter. However only 13 are on my newsletter list. 

I have the double opt in setting selected currently and I was wondering if this was having an impact?




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Hi @kflo ,

Thanks for sharing to the Community. So by default a list has double opt in enabled meaning users will have to confirm their subscription after signing up to your pop up - this is a default setting in order to prevent mistyped emails and list bombing. If users are completing a form but not confirming then they will not be added. To check, I would suggest creating a test account and email and going through the process to see if there is a bug in another step. 





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@alex.hong Thanks for your reply, I have tested this again and as suspected, I think the double opt in is causing the issue as sometimes the secondary ‘subscribe’ email ends up in the spam folder.

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Hey @kflo - While double opt in can help with ensuring email address. I recommend removing the double opt in and gathering as many signups as possible. More effort for consumers can cause some friction/frustration during early trust building with new consumers. Try to gather email addresses in your form and maybe even asking for additional data points (gender/birthday/sms/etc). Let people offer insights to help you personalize better.