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  • 19 October 2022
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We collect potential subscribers to our newsletter via a ‘soft’ opt-in at check-out, ie, if they don’t check a particular box, they come through to Klaviyo and can be identified by their not being in either of our subscriber lists and having ‘subscribed is true’. I have created a segment to collect these, and can then create a corresponding list. How can I then ensure this list triggers a double opt-in sequence of emails? Many thanks.


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2 replies

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Thanks Alex - I had my mind fixed on having to use the usual double opt-in sequence, but this should work just as well.

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Hi there @AnnaE ,

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I think the best way to do this would be with a list triggered flow when these users are collected by you and added. Just to note

Whenever someone is added to the list you select, they will enter the flow. This includes people who join your list through a signup form, or any contacts you manually upload to your list. For a welcome series, for instance, you would select your newsletter list to ensure that everyone who signs up to hear from you receives an email sequence.

Contacts can only receive a list-triggered flow once. If someone is removed from a list and then re-added to that same list, they will not re-trigger the flow. For example, if someone unsubscribes from your newsletter list and then re-subscribes, they will not receive the welcome series again.


Hope that article helps,