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  • 14 November 2023
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Hi All,

I am facing an issue related to Klaviyo profiles. So, I got the Klaviyo account reactivated after 2 years and everything was fine but today (14th of Nov) I am seeing that a lot of fake profiles are adding in the Klaviyo account. You can see in the image below.


I don’t know from where they are coming as these profile don’t have any reference or website activity as show in below images.



Can anyone tell me how can I stop them as they are just coming in. Till now 5000+ profiles and counting.

I have read different articles but those were about suppressing or deleting the profiles but right now, I want to stop them.


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4 replies

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Hi @theapparelfactory whats your website / do you happen to have a form anywhere on it?




@Brett_Gatsby  Yes, we have a subscriptions Popup on our website for a long time but it happened just today and in each profile details, there is not referring page, first active, last active or any source or medium. 

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Yea good point, it should label the referring page / source if it was coming through that form. Sorry I’m at a loss, its outside my realm of expertise. I’m sure some others will take a look at your q and get back to you soon. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.


@Brett_Gatsby thank you that you tried to help. I actually got my answer 😂 It was due to magento. I actually saw Magento Account Creation date which is a year old in one of those profiles and then I looked into magento and found all those emails in the customers list and all are almost a year old, this must be some kind of attack back then on our magento and When I reactivated and integrated the Klaviyo again, it automatically synced all the profiles. Now, going to ask the team to remove all those profiles so the Klaviyo account will be cleaned.