Street Address not in new API?

  • 20 July 2021
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Hello All:

We are using a WordPress plugin to import new leads into Klaviyo. The plugin developer says that the new API does not include a field for Street Address. If this is true, are there plans to include it in the future? We would like for our forms to fill out all corresponding fields available in Klaviyo.


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Hello @brighterimage,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

Klaviyo should still be able to track your customer’s street address as part of the Klaviyo WordPress plugin and WooCommerce integration; so that when a customer provides an address such as through completing an order, Klaviyo is able to record and track their billing address. 

If you were talking about a third part WordPress plugin, this would all depend on how this third-party app and tool has developed their connection to Klaviyo. Depending on how the connection is being passed and how the data points are being mapped, it may not align with Klaviyo’s default properties. For example, in order for Klaviyo to recognize a street address, the information must be mapped to Klaviyo as $Address. Any other formats such as Street Address will not be recognized as such and would often times either not be accepted or recorded as a custom profile property instead. You can find a list of default Klaviyo properties from the Custom vs. Klaviyo Properties subsection of the Guide to Properties Help Center Article. 

Also keep in mind that some default Klaviyo properties, such as the $Address property would still be recorded but not be displayed within your customer’s profile for security reasons. Another resource that may be helpful to read up on is Understanding When and How Klaviyo Sets a Profile's Location article which details how Klaviyo is able to track your contact’s locations and/or update their location manually if needed using a .CSV import or through API.

I hope this helps!