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  • 8 November 2022
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I have a shopify markets account with multiple shops (URLs) under it. When someone checksout, they are automatically added to email marketing (unless they uncheck this themselves). Now I would like to add these customers to the general newsletter list (divided by country). As these are multiple lists, I cannot link this to one particular list via intergrations. 

I have already created segments so that everyone who accepts marketing is divided by country. Now I would like to create a flow where I indicate that when a customer accepts email marketing via the checkout, they are added to the general email list. Unfortunately, I cannot find this option when setting up a flow. Is there another way to automatically add these customers to the general list? 


Thank you in advance!


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Hi there @Fleur ,

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Unfortunately, it is not possible to connect customers to a list after they finish a flow. However, you can have them enter a segment.

To accomplish this, I'd recommend reviewing this guide: How to Add an Update Profile Property Action to a Flow

At the end of your flow, you'll want to apply the Update Profile Property Action as 'Completed Flow Name'. When you do this, each customer who entered this flow will have that custom property, 'Completed Flow Name'. 

You can then segment these profiles - take a look at this guide: Guide to Properties.


A workaround would just be to get a csv of that new segment and create a masterlist from that.