Suggestions for setting up profile properties.

  • 31 March 2022
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My store caters to small breed dog owners. I’d like to collect the name, birthday and breed of a customer’s dog. 

Many of my customers have more than one dog, so I’d like to be able to capture that information for up to three dogs. 

I’ve read the Klaviyo support page about custom profile properties, but it makes no sense to me. 

All I want to do is create unique profile properties for each of the following fields:
Dog #1 Name, Dog #1 Birthday, Dog #1 Breed
Dog #2 Name, Dog #2 Birthday, Dog #2 Breed
Dog #3 Name, Dog #3 Birthday, Dog #3 Breed

Appreciate any tips. 





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Hi @SeaHawk1953


Welcome to the Community! Thanks for sharing your question with us! 


Would love to clear up any confusion about custom properties as indeed this is what you’ll need to capture the information you’re looking for: ie. the name of the dog, birthday and breed. 


Basically, a unique profile property is a custom property. A klaviyo property is something that is recorded in-house as a default. A custom property is any additional information you want to collect or add to your profiles. I would suggest sending a campaign for your existing subscribers and asking them to click a link and update their Manage Preference Page to update their profile with their dog’s information. I would take a look at similar Community topics on the same thing to gain further insight on the topic! 



It should be noted that you will need different profile properties for each of the options, i.e. 9 total so that a user inserting their second dog’s name doesn’t override the property value of the first dog’s name. So you will need to insert 3 different profile properties for each field you walk to collect, as you want this collect this information for up to three dogs. Hypothetically, dog1name, dog1breed, dog1birthday, dog2name, dog2birthday, dog2breed etc. I’d suggest using text boxes in your preference pages to collect this info, as shown in the screenshot below. 



Additionally, I would update your signup form, if you’ve already created one, to collect this information too for your net-new subscribers. I would suggest thinking about a Multi Step Signup Form, where if you a user has a second or third dog, you could ask them to fill that out on the second and/or third page for the third dog. This would help make the signup form less cumbersome! 




Thanks for participating in the community! Hope this helps!


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Hi Taylor - 

Thanks for the info. 

What about birthdays? I don’t see a specific field for dates on the List & Segments page. 

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I have the multistep form setup. 

My only question is the birthday field in the subscribe fields. There is an option to add a field with a date, so not sure how that would work in a flow if people can enter birthday in various formats. 

I’ll add help text that says: Enter birthday in the following format: 00/00/0000

If that makes sense, let me know. 

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Hi @SeaHawk1953


Sorry for the late reply! But, yes, you are spot on here! That is a great way to collect birthday info, this method is affirmed in this Help Center documentation.

Happy to hear this is working out for you!