Suppressed Profile - HELP having massive issues and not sure how to fix

  • 27 December 2021
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I have suppressed a customers email in Klaviyo, because they complained about getting so many emails from the flows (they are a subscription customer). Now that I have suppressed their email, will that stop them receiving all emails in the future from any flows that they may get added into automatically by the system?


If not, how can I go about this? If I delete their profile, when their next subscription order comes through it’ll readd them back in and they will go back into the flow sequence.


Thanks so much in advance.





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4 replies

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Hi Luke! When you suppress a profile in Klaviyo, they can no longer receive any emails from Klaviyo (that aren’t marked as transactional). So that means they will not receive any future emails from your flows. 


If you delete them, and they repurchase, they will be added back in and will start receiving the emails again, so if you want to make sure they don’t receive any future emails, then suppression is the best way to go! 


You can learn more about suppressed profiles in Klaviyo here:


I hope this helps!


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Hey Indy, that makes a lot of sense and that’s what I thought. I was curious what you meant by “transactional” though?

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Hey @lukecoffey 

A Transaction email only contains order information including product ordered, shipping information, order cancelation ect. Transactional emails can not contain any marketing as they do not require consent to send to your customers.

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Hey @stephen.trumble that’s good to know. Thanks for letting me know. I will assume that anything in a flow is considered marketing and thus they won’t receive any flow emails!