Suppressed unengaged profiles but they still show up in newsletter list

  • 10 April 2021
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Hey guys, 

We recently switched from Mailchimp to Klaviyo. We have a list of about 54k subscribers, with around 11k unengaged (from Mailchimp). I exported a CSV of the unengaged segment and added it to the suppression tab in the profiles section. 

However, when I look at the Newsletter (which they were all a part of), the number is exactly the same. Does supressing them not remove them from the main list? Am I doing something wrong? The active subscribers number has been updated.


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Hi @Alex Cho,


It sounds like you suppressed the 11K contacts correctly! 


Lists and segments are used to organize your total database of contacts (active and suppressed). Once a user is suppressed, they do not get automatically removed from a list. However, if you were to send a campaign to that list, those suppressed email addresses will NOT receive the email; the Klaviyo platform will prevent sending to them automatically. 


We do have a segment condition called “Someone is or is not suppressed.” When you add the condition of “Someone is not suppressed” to a segment, this will only query the active profiles in your account. This is a good condition to add when creating segments off of your main mailing list so that you have a more accurate sense of who on that list is eligible to receive email marketing. 


Knowing all of the above, you could create a segment with the conditions of “Anyone who is not suppressed” and “Someone is in your main mailing list.” This will create a segment of anyone who is active in your main mailing list. You could then convert this segment to a list and then use that new list as the main list that you use. The challenge with this approach is that you will need to redirect any signup forms to that new list and clone your welcome flow and adjust the trigger to that new list. Also, as new users unsubscribe, they will still remain on that new list, so this may be something you do once or twice a year.


I hope this helps! 




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Hi Julie, I thought that might be the case! Thank you for your response!

Creating a second list sounds rather complicated, I think I’ll just keep this one as it is :) But great to know I have those options